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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). HVAC is the different systems, machines, and technologies used to regulate the temperature in your home, office, hallways, and transportation so that you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In general, HVAC is a system that provides heating and cooling to residential and commercial buildings, and some vehicles/ transportation methods. Your HVAC system is at the heart of your space for heating and cooling and at Jake Klassen Plumbing we take that very seriously.  At Jake Klassen Plumbing we identify and work with three types of HVAC systems: forced air, gravity, and radiant systems. As newer houses develop and older houses get restored, at Jake Klassen Plumbing we understand the importance of being able to service and install all three types.

  • Forced air systems are when hot or cold air, depending if you are using the furnace or air conditioner, is forced through metal ducts using a blower. It is not uncommon for these systems to have blowouts, however they are extremely popular in newer homes.
  • Gravity systems use the good old fashioned principle that cold air sinks and hot air rises. These systems are located in the basement and when switched on the warm air rises, and when switched off, the cool air comes back down. Gravity systems cannot be used in conjunction with an air conditioning system.
  • Radiant systems are found in older homes and use hot water that runs through radiators to warm the walls, floors, and ceilings of rooms. Radiant systems also cannot be used with an air conditioning system.

An HVAC system can be composed of four main parts, however dependent upon the system there could be special features. In general, HVAC systems consist of a furnace, air conditioner, ductwork, and the thermostat. The furnace uses natural gas or oil to heat the air and is located in doors. The air conditioner uses electricity and coolant fluid to cool outside air and is located outdoors. The ductwork is where the air travels throughout the space and the thermostat is at the heart of it all. Jake Klassen Plumbing can install and repair all systems and parts. We are the best option for your comfort and temperature needs.  Your HVAC system is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a combination of heating and cooling systems with a heart in the middle. Jake Klassen Plumbing ensures that the right system will be installed into your home for your needs, and that we can service whatever HVAC system you already have in your home. Be sure to do your research when choosing an HVAC system for your home as many factors determine the best fit.


V = ventilation. This part of the HVAC definition often gets forgotten about, so what is it and why is it important? The ventilation component of HVAC is what helps air quality and comfort, in other words, it is what controls how much outside air gets in to ensure the space stays comfortable and not stuffy. Without proper ventilation you can quickly experience discomfort and health issues. At Jake Klassen Plumbing no part of your HVAC system goes unattended.

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