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Drain Camera Service

Advanced Drain Camera Inspections in Lethbridge

At Jake Klassen Plumbing Inc., we prioritize a non-invasive approach to diagnosing your drainage issues. Utilizing the cutting-edge Magnum DVR Camera system, we offer comprehensive drain camera services to homeowners in Lethbridge and its surrounding areas. This advanced technology allows us to meticulously inspect your home’s drainage system, ensuring the structural integrity of your pipes and precisely identifying problems, such as intrusive tree roots.


Our state-of-the-art monitor setup not only enables real-time observation of your drain’s condition but also provides the option to record this crucial footage onto a USB drive for your convenience and future reference. This service is particularly beneficial following the use of a drain cleaning snake, offering you peace of mind by confirming that any obstructions have been fully addressed. Trust Jake Klassen Plumbing for thorough and efficient drain camera inspections, safeguarding your home’s plumbing system against potential issues.

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